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I was that eczema baby, that snotty nosed allergy kid, then my symptoms rolled into headaches & fatigue in my teens.

When I learnt of food intolerances at Uni it all started falling into place. My mum had worked out when I was a kid some food triggers that seemed kind of random but finally understanding how to put together all the pieces of the puzzle made it all make sense for me. I was able to take it further and identify my own triggers to get me back to better health.

But then I hit a wall. The general expectation was to just broaden your diet as much as you can (which for some people was not at all!) and then you’re stuck with that diet forever. Well I wasn’t having that! There had to be another way! So I kept searching for answers until I found strategies that helped me (and my clients) to push the boundaries and broaden my range of foods again and live a normal life!

Hi! I'm Liz Beavis - Food Intolerance Dietitian. I qualified as a dietitian (Masters of Nutrition, University of Sydney) in 1997 and ran a successful private practice Newtown Nutrition in Sydney for over 20years.

For many years I have focused on supporting people with food intolerances and gut health, in particular complex cases and those who have been stuck on restrictive diets for years.

After learning what foods influenced my symptoms I was determined not to be stuck on a restrictive diet forever so experimented with strategies to help broaden my diet again.

I am now passionate about helping others to break free from their symptoms and get back to enjoying life (and food!) once more.

If you are struggling with Food intolerance symptoms or gut issues and would like to book an appointment with me so you too can stop worrying about what you can eat and get back to enjoying eating out with your friends without worrying about the consequences click the button below to your appointment today.

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