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The first steps to managing your IBS

Have you found that there is so much information stuff on the interwebs claiming to cure your IBS you don't know where to start?

There are diets, treatments, tests, potions and more. And some involve some pretty big changes to your lifestyle. Where do you start?!?

I have been working with my clients to help them reduce their IBS and get back to enjoying life for over 20 years. Before I get my clients started with bigger lifestyle changes I make sure I always spend time to ensure that they also have the IBS Foundations covered.

The IBS Foundations are the first steps in managing IBS, but they are so simple I find that they are frequently overlooked in favour of 'bigger' strategies.

But IBS Foundations are so important! For some people just these 6 simple steps will be enough to improve your symptoms.

For others these IBS Foundations underpin every other strategy for IBS management. If you don't have these in place you wont get the full benefit from the more detailed strategies of IBS management.

These IBS Foundation strategies are ideal for you if you are at the beginning of your IBS journey.

These are the first steps that you should take to address your IBS.

For my clients I always ensure they have ticked all these boxes before I start more complex strategies.

And now you can get started with these IBS Foundations yourself;  no need to wait for a dietitian consultation (and cheaper to boot!). 

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How it works

I have created videos to explain to 

  • What is IBS? and my 3 step process for managing IBS
  • 1 video for each of the 6 simple IBS Foundation strategies (plus 2 bonus tips!) that explains the strategy and how it can benefit you
  • Tools to help you monitor your progress

For each strategy I have also created a downloadable worksheet which steps you through what you need to do to put the strategies into place.

Once you have purchased the training you will be able log on to access all the videos and handouts.

You can complete these as quickly or slowly as you like, although I recommend starting 1-2 strategies at a time, over 1-2 weeks before starting the next strategy, to give yourself time to establish each strategy comfortably into your daily routine.

You will have Lifetime Access* to the videos and handouts.

Wouldn't it be better to have a dietitian consultation?

Your doctor may have told you to book a dietitian consultation, and obviously I can help you with that! However if this is the beginning of your IBS journey I will spend the first 1-2 consultations ensuring that you have addressed these very same IBS Foundation strategies before getting started with more complex strategies.

You can fast-track your IBS success by getting these strategies started now (saving you time waiting for an appointment) and then if you do need to add in some more complex strategies you can optimise your consultation time with me so we can jump straight in to the bigger things.

Another huge benefit of using the online trainings to address IBS Foundation Strategies is that I actually get to spend MORE time on the explanations and details of how to follow the strategies compared with the limited time I have in a consultation! And of course you can watch the videos as many times as you like if you need a refresh at any time.

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